About Sumita
  • MBA in Finance, Diploma in Business Finance, B.Com, Diploma in Marketing.
  • Global Career Counsellor Certification.
  • Specialization in Premium Overseas Admission and Student Profile Building.
Sumita wholeheartedly believes in the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’ - something that gives a person their purpose and reason to live. There cannot be a more rewarding career if your Ikigai translates into your career. For Sumita, career counselling is her Ikigai and by channelling her professional expertise she wants to help students find theirs.
About Career Counselling
Traditionally, career options were categorised into five basic fields of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Commerce and Arts, but today the dynamics have changed and innumerable lucrative career options are available. On one hand, the new-age job options provide the much-needed flexibility in career choices, but on the other, they add up to the confusion of every student and parent. Adding to the confusion, are the search engines which seem to have all the answers to a student’s need- whether it is to know about the top ranking universities, courses to choose from, subjects to take, or popular career prospects. However, just having all the information at your fingertips does not always work on mapping one’s career. Whether a particular field suits a student’s personality, interests, aptitude, emotional temperament and financial background needs to be accounted for.

About Skrabble Career Counselling

Skrabble, a challenging word building game teaches us the right mix of alphabets to build meaningful words. Alphabets are stringed together by players to formulate a winning strategy. Just like a game of skrabble, career counselling is an amalgamation of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and capabilities analysed through various analytical tools to decide the best fit winning career strategy.
At Skrabble Career, it’ is my desire to see youngsters build successful and meaningful careers in today’s exciting economic scenario. I want them to have a better perspective of their chosen fields, be aware of the knowledge and skills required and discover various career opportunities for career selection and growth. With this end in mind we work towards various aspects right from stream selection to university application and entrance exams. “The joy of seeing students successfully through this journey gives me a lot of satisfaction…”