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About Sumita

  • MBA in Finance, Diploma in Business Finance, B.Com, Diploma in Marketing.
  • Global Career Counsellor Certification.
  • Specialization in Premium Overseas Admission and Student Profile Building.
Sumita wholeheartedly believes in the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’ - something that gives a person their purpose and reason to live. There cannot be a more rewarding career if your Ikigai translates into your career. For Sumita, career counselling is her Ikigai and by channelling her professional expertise she wants to help students find theirs.
Sumita is a Mumbaikar with a diverse working experience, spanning over two decades in Finance, Advertising and Events. She has spent her career navigating the financial world: from working at The National Stock Exchange to understanding the nuances of investments and taxation. In advertising her sphere, included building brands of companies in the Education, Sports and Hospitality industries. She has also founded her own start-up, Maya Global Events, which is involved in preserving and promoting performing arts. Her work experience in such a diverse environment has given her an excellent insight into the future of employment in both the corporate and non-corporate worlds.
Sumita has witnessed the changing workplace dynamics in the business world in the last decade. She understands that to have a successful, long-term career, apart from knowledge and degrees one needs focus, passion and perseverance. While helping her own son and his friends to choose a career, she became aware of the struggle and confusion every student faces during this process. This is what drove her to pursue career counselling.
Since being certified as a career counsellor, Sumita has mentored students who have gone on to study in creative fields like Jewellery Designing at the IIGJ, Mumbai, 3D Animations at the VFS (Vancouver Film School) Mumbai, O.P. Jindal, NTU Singapore and the University of Manchester, UK.