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Why Career Counselling
Traditionally, career options were categorised into five basic fields of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Commerce and Arts, but today the dynamics have changed and innumerable lucrative career options are available. On one hand, the new-age job options provide the much-needed flexibility in career choices, but on the other, they add up to the confusion of every student and parent. Adding to the confusion, are the search engines which seem to have all the answers to a student’s need- whether it is to know about the top ranking universities, courses to choose from, subjects to take, or popular career prospects. However, just having all the information at your fingertips does not always work on mapping one’s career. Whether a particular field suits a student’s personality, interests, aptitude, emotional temperament and financial background needs to be accounted for.
This is why career counselling is the need of the hour to guide students from a state of confusion to clarity over what career is best suited for their interests, talents, and personality. At Skrabble Career Counselling, we help students in making well- informed educational and occupational choices. Timely advice, taking the right decision at the right time will help unleash vast career opportunities.